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BLOG February 17, 2015Why buy from us? We have all our fingers. I am not sure why the guy teaching the safety class is always missing a finger, but we paid attention and will help you be safe.

2014 was a great start for our business, and for fireworks in Mount Pleasant. From the moment you arrived at our stands you knew we were a cut above the others in the area.

Big open boxes with display cases for you to see everything we offer. Yes “Joe Dirt” we call ourselves a fireworks stand, we offer twice the variety of most stands in the area. We offer better pricing than the competition.  We spent weeks searching and researching over 6000 items with two questions in mind: Would I want to shoot that, and is it a good value?

We narrowed the list to 150 items in the stand and 170 online, and went to work on the carnival experience of buying fireworks. Everyone who spends at least $25.00 gets something for free. A lot of staff to make sure you are not standing in line to long. Talking to each customer to find out who their audience would be to get the right items to light up the faces (not just the sky) of everyone watching.

We want to get to know our customers because fireworks are fun, and for us your fun should begin when you are thinking about your show and build right up to the moment you light the fuse.

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